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Series Review: Someone Feed Phil, Creator: Philip Rosenthal, 2022

Netflix also wants to join the trend of culinary tourism sweeping the world, the series "Someone Eat the Elephant" is the ticket.

Nice uncle, Phil Rosenthal, spends time in major and beautiful cities around the world, such as: Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Mexico City and more, eats and tells jokes and says how delicious he is. Through the dishes he learns about the local culture and the life of the natives.

Phil Rosenthal is the producer of "Everyone Loves Raymond." He is an enthusiastic type, loves the hosts, the food, everything is interesting and he acts like a typical stupid teenager. Even though the food and sights are the most banal you can find, his endearing personality still manages to take over the screen. The "Let Someone Eat the Elephant" show is a pretty graceful, even cute show. Although Rosenthal is too American and seems to treat his hosts like a bunch of natives, one can see the charm in the show and even enjoy it.

The "Someone Feed Phil" program is not amazing, not even a one-time Guilty Pleasure, but it is pleasant to watch and interesting, can be defined as something escapist, that can fill an hour or two of your day.



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